Saturday, 24 August 2013


I had a rather eventful start to my summer, in my quest to get fit and drop some weight, I decided I would ditch the car in favour of cycling to resulted in nasty tumble over the handlebars of my bike left me bruised and battered, and in plaster with two broken fingers!!!
I have been unable to work and carry on with the two loves of my life...sewing and golf! I had my finger set for three weeks at a 90% angle and was not even able to drive. Got lots of reading done and I suppose at least it was summer and we had a good one ! I have always been a glass half full sort of gal !

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  1. Oh Noreen, what a time you have had! So sorry to hear that you took a bad tumble. I hope you will soon regain the use of your golf swing and stitching fingers!