Saturday, 24 August 2013

I am now feeling much fitter and am working hard with a physio to get the fingers moving again.
I have been inspired by a number of things to get my sewing machine up and running again. Firstly I had a lovely wee trip to Dublin for a week with the family and called in at the Kildare village shopping outlet...all you girls who like to shop should give that a wee go!! I got lovely Cath Kidston fabric at 7 euro a meter, am actually kicking myself that I did not buy more of it..calls for another wee trip down!!
I also got the chance, with map in hand and hubby and two teenage sons dragging behind!! to visit The Cloth House...lovely fabric shop..not cheap, but bought small amounts that will go far when mixed in with some other pieces.
My best friend then came back from America with a lovely stash for me..I have a great plan for this, which I will reveal when finished !
Lastly, I have been invited to join my first ever swap..The Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland have asked me to join a pincushion so excited and feel very inspired to take part.


  1. Those fabrics look delish. Sure you will enjoy cutting into them. I have been asked to join the same swap, but am unsure at the moment as I have sooooo much to catch up with and don't want to take on too much again. But it does look tempting . Carry on getting better.

  2. HAve fun with your first swap. They are always exciting and a fun way to meet some new bloggers.